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skin treatments/facials

Signature Facials

We know radiant, healthy skin reflects how you look and feel. The Beauty & Wellness Center’s facials are performed by certified Estheticians and trained staff and are individually tailored for Women, Men or Teens. Excellent for all skin types and an ideal monthly regimen to maintain healthy skin.

Our staff use medical grade products, including EPIONCE, DeU, & Jan Marini and will prescribe a maintenance program so you can enjoy a clear, beautiful complexion in between regular appointments.

Dermablading is a powerful, safe, and extremely effective cosmetic procedure that removes the topmost layer of dry, dead skin, debris, oil, bacteria, and especially – fine facial hairs. Sometimes also referred to as dermaplaning, the procedure gently removes the top layer of skin – leaving your face smooth and rejuvenated.

Microderms are for everyone! All sexes and all ages! The Beauty & Wellness Center utilizes a crystal-free microdermabrasion. It is an effective and clinically proven method of removing layers of damaged skin tissue, leaving healthier and more radiant skin. A microderm can stimulate new collagen and fibroblast growth. The increase in collagen growth has the potential for lasting effects of improved skin appearance.

Other benefits of Microdermabrasion include a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, diminished pore size, reversing excessive dermal dryness or oiliness, uniformity in skin coloration, sun damage and treatment for acne and acne scarring. Microdermabrasion Therapy will typically produce a 100% increase in the absorption of any topical product.

A treatment takes about 30 minutes for the face but can also be used on the neck, decollete, shoulders, and hands. A crystal-free microdermabrasion causes very little trauma to the skin, with no swelling and very little redness.

Recommended for all skin types, men, women, and teens.

Suggested Treatment Interval: An exfoliating treatment on some type should be performed once per month. This treatment is available in single appointments or in series of three or six for optimal results. Call today and allow your skin to breathe and be renewed!

The Venus VIVA uses NanoFractional Radio Frequency and SmartScan technology to deliver energy through the epidermis to the dermis, generating heat, while stimulating fibroblasts and rebuilding collagen.  The results are tighter skin, improved skin texture, reduced scarring & more – in a safe & effective skin resurfacing treatment. This treatment reduces the appearance of acne scars & other scars, stretch marks, rosacea, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles & uneven skin texture & pigmentation.
Treatments typically vary between 3-4 sessions, every 4-6 weeks. The exact number of sessions depends on the individual. You will experience mild redness post treatment and you can resume your regular skin care and make up routine 24 hours after treatment.

The Venus GLOW Facial uses 3 modalities which work together to achieve pore cleansing & facial renewal by removing impurities from the skin which can cause blackheads & whiteheads.  Each of these modalities serve an important function to loosen dirt and debris, open & clean pores & treat a variety of common skin concerns. 

Adjustable settings & treatment protocols give you a tailored treatment to address your specific skin condition & concerns. Feel & see healthier, cleaner, & more hydrated skin after each treatment.  The Venus GLOW Serum Treatments, similar to the HydraFacial, are powerful yet gentle on the skin.  Glow Serums are free from parabens, harsh chemicals and synthetic dyes & fragrances, making them ideal treatment serums for multiple ethnicities & skin types, including sensitive skin. 

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Massage & Body

A non-invasive, holistic alternative to other body contouring methods that use needles or invasive surgery to reshape your figure.  It is FDA approved to reduce the appearance of cellulite & it uses mechanical vibrations to break apart fat cells that have clumped together.  In addition, it can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to manual lymphatic drainage through physical massage. It can be an effective tool to stimulate lymph movement, as a backup in the lymph system of the body has shown to be a precursor to illness.  And, it’s a FEEL GOOD!

There are three zones:

Zone 1.  Treatment for the lower body including the hips, buttocks, thighs and lower abdomen
Zone 2.  Treatment for the upper body including chest, back and arms
Zone 3.  Treatment for the neck, face and head.
Each Lypossage session lasts about 30 minutes and are performed in a series of 15 sessions, meeting 2-3 times a week over the course of 6 weeks or so.  It is important to note that, for most patients, it takes several treatments before results become noticeable. 
Customized packages made specifically for your goals in mind is what The Beauty & Wellness Center is here for & we have the BEST results when we combine variations of Lypossage with Venus FREEZE, LEGACY, Massage, Steam Massage or Body Wraps/Scrubs treatments or packages.  

Guests entering our massages will be enveloped in soothing sounds and aromas while the journey to relaxation and restoration that awaits. In a stress-filled world, our full body Massage will relieve tension, soothe tired muscles and temper migraines.

We offer quality, therapeutic patient focused massage for your wellness. Each massage is customized to what your body needs including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Relaxation and more! Be sure to ask us about our other therapeutic offerings because we now offer Medical Massage.
These treatments are all designed to melt away the stress of deadlines and hectic schedules. Most massages are in one hour time frames but can be 30 minutes, 90 minutes or two hours (medical massage).
Medical Massage
We are pleased to offer Medical Massage at the Beauty & Wellness Center.  Medical Massage is geared toward healing Chronic & Acute Pain through particular assessments, plans, & actions to better assist each unique patient while providing tangible results.
While regular therapeutic massage may successfully relax you or temporarily relieve some stressors, Medical Massage is planned out with a specific goal & treatment in mind & your massage will factor into a larger overall treatment plan that is based around your health needs and goals. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is considered a Medical Massage.
Steam Massage
Another BWC favorite massage is the Steam Massage.  A Steam Massage is the most blissful, relaxing, beneficial treatment that you’ve ever experienced. Benefits include Lymphatic Drainage, Relief from Sore Joints & Muscle Pain, Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction, Hydrated Beautiful Skin, Rejuvenate & look & feel younger.
A Steam Massage has the benefits of a wrap-less body wrap. Purify & release toxins in your body, achieve deep relaxation & soothing warmth.  Ideal to do in winter months. You will definitely sweat!
Available Monday thru Fridays by appointment only. 
*Call to learn more about our therapists coming to your event or office for chair massages and more! Gift Certificates are available for all occasions.
**After any and all of our massage offerings, it is very important to stay hydrated and drink a great amount of water, even more than may be your usual practice. Water, of course, is always a healthy choice. Patients that do not drink enough water following a massage often wind up with unnecessary soreness or tenderness in their muscles. Please follow the directions that your massage therapist shares.  


The BWC Hair Studio is located inside the Beauty & Wellness Center. We pride ourselves in offering laid back sophistication to all of our customers and here is what one client shared with us:

“From the second I sit down to get my hair washed, I am instantly relaxed! I would recommend the BWC Hair Studio to anyone and do! I look forward to going to the BWC because I always leave happier than when I walked in! And with beautiful hair too!”

We do hair cuts, colors, curls — for ladies, men, and children. We carry and offer MoroccanOil Treatments and hair products. We also offer waxing, make up, eyelash extensions and more. We are here for your everyday hair and cater to your extraordinary. Contact Michelle May at 903-277-7712 for all BWC Hair Studio appointments. Gift Certificates are available for all occasions. Ask about new client discounts!